Sunday, March 31, 2002

Ranting. Must be on trauma call or something

Sick of human stupidity on this Sunday evening, waiting for my third facial fracture case to start. MAFAT going on: Mandatory Anesthesia Fuck Around Time.

Don't try to stop the trajectory of a swinging tire iron by interposing your face in its path. And why try to break up a fight between drunks? Why not just let them beat the piss out of each other, even if they're your friends? Anyone who's ever tried to break up a fight between their drunken buddies can appreciate this. The guys are writhing on the ground in a life-or-deathgrip, all muscles knotted hard, eyeballs and neck veins bulging. Fuck 'em; don't get in the way.

Like Yassir Arafat. Fuck him, too. He wanted violence and now he's trapped in a lightless cesspool. To get light he has to peek outside & squint between the barrels of multiple Merkava tanks. Nails bitten to a quick, he squanders the rapidly diminishing battery power of his Nokia 8290 to berate Christianne Ammanpour for the "inaccuracy" of her questions. Human stupidity.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gives an interview to Newsweek where he whines about his tarnished reputation. He is upset that he got "mugged one more time on the way out" of the White House when he pardoned Marc Rich. He conveniently omits the fact that he was caught trying to steal the silverware before he turned the light out. Our most pathetic Victim in Chief.

Elsewhere, Slavery Reparations Activists swallow a handful of blood pressure pills and prepare to ratchet up the rhetoric. Twelve Fleet Boston V.P.'s living in twelve mansions along the Charles River simultaneously awaken with pounding hearts in the middle of the night. Their jaw muscles are sore because they've been grinding their teeth in their sleep. Money means nothing to bankers like them & surely the nice activists have their price....