Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Syria: Arsonist and Fireman

Some dingbat commentator on CNN last night mentioned the "incongruity" of Syrian personnel killed in defending the U.S. Embassy during the recent attack. It's only "incongruous" if you don't understand the KGB-influenced Assad M.O., as Walid Phares explains.

Oliver Guttia elaborates further: "Assad like his father is famous for playing the arsonist/fireman strategy. For instance when Western citizens were kidnapped by Hezbollah in the 80's on the orders of Damascus and Tehran, Syria would pretend to help Western nations free their citizens. Nobody was really fooled but everybody played along and thanked the Syrians for their help."

Leftist opinion is dominated by a large chunk of well-meaning-but-ignorant people who believe we can negotiate with some of the most implacable shitbags on the planet. Assuming this was a propaganda action executed by Syrian intelligence, I await the emergence of the "Syrians as Fluffy Bunnies" meme next time we do something tough with Syria. By "tough" I mean anything that would offend the sensibilities of Jimmy Carter, like a cross look or perhaps denying Assad some cookies.


Blogger Greg said...

Good thing someone realizes what's going on around this here Mil' East. Too bad our politicians either pretend not to or simply don't understand the situation for what it is.

9/14/2006 09:32:00 AM  

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