Saturday, March 05, 2005

Our drummer quit, which sucks because he rocked. He had issues & history with the bass player, as well as in his own life. A whiff of wellbutrin may have gotten him right, but that's not my business.

So now we are auditioning drummers. What a sorry lot, these drummers in Tampa. An endless supply of them, if you want to play nu-metal. I am fucking nu-metalled out; never did like that updated cockrock. Last guy we knew from playing out & he loves our band but he doesn't have a cell phone. He got to being about an hour late & we call his place & his roommate says he left the apt. with his drums but the guy never shows up. Still don't know what happened to him.

The older a drummer gets, the fatter, kind of like ex-pro football players. But it's not fair to condemn them as a class & say they are the weak links in a band. If anything, singers are notorious for their histrionics, and guitar players for their insufferably pompous poseuriffic arrogance. Bass players can be a little rough around the edges. "Singer-songwriter-guitarists" are usually the lamest cheezballz, particularly if they worship Dave Matthews or Jimmy Buffett.

And of course there are hordes of misfits making electronica, since alls you need is a computer and peer-to-peer access to rip cracks & keygens. Say what you might about this kind of music, but producing it requires nobody to show up to practice sober. It is not dependent upon the inter-relationships of band members. It comes straight from The Well.


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