Friday, December 30, 2005

Apolitics, Now.

Thusfar, my blog FBRU has remained resolutely apolitical, but I may as well use it for my musings rather than plague the comments section on other people's blogs.

First couple of articles I would like to juxtapose will start with this one about the Bolton U.N. interim appointment. Great quote:

For some reason, Bolton's critics felt no need to reform the United Nations, which under the leadership of Secretary-General Kofi Annan has descended into the most intense sort of tragicomedy. The body's vaunted "oil for food" engagement with prewar Iraq came under investigation, prompting many observers to dub it the worst financial scandal in history. And reports came out of Africa about how U.N. "peacekeepers" were building a sex-slave industry.

Did we mention that the U.N.'s human rights commission came under fire for naming to its membership agents of the world's most despotic regimes? Was no reform necessary?

And about those despotic regimes.


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